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The Heiresses (Guest Speaker & Members’ Choice)

March 26
Doors open 8pm, film starts 8.30pm.

Dir. Marcello Martinessi

It’s a shame. Chela (Brun) and Chiquita (Irun) are down on their luck, when money’s […]

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Spring / Summer 2019 Films

All films and speakers subject to availability. Film notes provided at each screening.

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Spring/Summer 2019 Season

Reserve your tickets for Tuesday 19 March’s very special screening of  Debra Granik’s marvellous Leave no Trace, with guest speaker, writer and forest enthusiast Peter Fiennes, who will link the role of woodlands in culture.  Leave No Trace really should have picked up more major awards – it questions what makes us tick, what society does to us and what we do to our natural environment – big questions in a film that makes us care about the characters and what will happen to them. As Mark Kermode states ‘It does not put a single foot wrong’.

Look out for Granik’s future work and Thomasin McKenzie and Ben Foster’s upcoming films after these breakthrough performances.

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