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Booksmart (Members’ Choice)

March 3
Doors open 8pm, film starts 8.30pm.

Dir. Olivia Wilde

Director Olivia Wilde’s debut feature film is a charming comedy, one that’s winning critical praise […]

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Spring / Summer 2020 Films

All films and speakers subject to availability. Film notes provided at each screening.

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Welcome to WFC’s Spring/Summer season 2020

Thank you to Professor Susan Grayzel, our friendly gender studies specialist, for joining us along with Chris Park from Sutton LGBTQ+ Forum – a great job by both fielding audience questions and giving us insight and context to the film following our screening of Vita and Virginia.

Next up is Booksmart (Tuesday 3 March), an excellent  members’ choice and a first feature-length film from director Olivia Wilde. It hits the spot for a warm, intelligent movie, highlighting just some of the issues that face a group of Generation Z students. Triple F-rated, it’s fresh, funny, loved by critics and audiences alike and attracting a lot of major awards.  Don’t miss it as we celebrate International Women’s Day a tiny bit early.


Join now for the Spring-Summer season

A season of fun, entertaining and thought-provoking UK and international films – plenty of guest speakers and members’ choices. First up was the critically acclaimed 2017 Brit film Pond Life starring new talent Esme Creed-Miles. We’ve screened the Colombian tour de force Monos and our LGBTQ+ film Vita and Virginia, and had some fascinating Q&A sessions post film with guest speakers. Coming up is the acclaimed Booksmart, Erlingsson’s follow-up to Of Horses and Men: the charming Icelandic environmental ‘mini-blockbuster’ Woman at War, and the stunning French LGBT thriller Portrait of a Lady on Fire, just to highlight a few.