Boyz n the Hood

Posted Friday 25th of October 2019

It still stands up as a drama after 28 yrs, with the redemption finely balanced by tragedy & waste. The polemic – policing, gentrification, community – hasn’t dated, which is a testament to the film & reflects the lack of change. What’s more obvious now is the film’s place in the American canon, with the influence of Spielberg & King (the kids), Lucas (American Graffiti), & Scorsese (Goodfellas) dominating the three major acts. You can also see the influence of US TV, particularly in the women’s roles. Seeing Laurence Fishburne as a Vietnam vet a few weeks after Apocalypse Now: Final Cut was resonant. Fishburne’s character, Furious Styles, could also have been an autodidact straight out of a Paul Beatty novel, which perhaps shows the wider influence of Singleton’s film.

David Timoney