Get Carter

Posted Friday 15th of May 2020

Get Carter

Directed by Mike Hodges. With Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, Britt Ekland, John Osborne.

“Get Carter is a terrific film.  I am a friend of its director, Mike Hodges. It is remarkably accomplished, considering it was his first feature as director and he also wrote the screenplay. Hodges told me that Michael Caine was not sure about him at first, because of his inxperience. ‘He was great to work with – once the decision was made, he always trusted me. Suffice to say I was lucky to have Caine the lead in my first cinema film.’

Mike had previously made two thrillers for TV – Suspect and Rumour – and, by his own admission, had already evolved his own visual style. But he enjoyed working with his director of photography on Get Carter. Hodges told me: ‘Wolf was that increasingly rare creature – a gentleman!  Despite shooting Ken Hughes’ The Small World of Sammy Lee (which is why I chose him as DP), Wolf was very traditional. But although he was puzzled by my approach (long lenses, scenes in one shot  etc), he was wonderfully adaptive.’

As for working with John Osborne, Hodges told me: ‘John kept himself to himself.  He wore small wire glasses and read when not needed on set.  When performing, he spoke very quietly.  I rejected my sound recordist’s request to have him raise his voice.  Instead, I moved the camera closer and closer.  We became good friends. He played “old green man”

Also, the talented director of photography on Get Carter. It was Wolfgang Suschitzky (Mike Hodges knew him as Wolf). Suschitzky was Viennese-born and very versatile, as illustrated by the fact that, apart from Get Carter, I suppose his best-known films as DoP were the very different Entertaining Mr Sloane (1970) and Theatre of Blood (1973), although I also have a sneaking regard for the more intimate Lunch Hour (1963).” Adam Feinstein, WFC member.


“Loved it. Brilliant acting. Time warp. Classy. Michael Caine at his best. British culture and north of Britain caught in a ‘Capsule’. Telephone sex ! Who would have thought it. Brutal at time – that car being pushed into the river with the girl in the boot! Ugh. MC watched without a blink. Dichotomous emotions family versus violence. No wonder Tarantino and Ritchie used it as their inspiration.” WFC Member.


“”Thank you for reminding me to watch GET CARTER. A feast of violence, sex, squalor and a good ending; shot!”  WFC  Member.