A Man Called Ove (Members’ Choice)

January 30

A gem of a black comedy from Sweden, a hit with audiences and critics alike. A retired man’s raison d’etre is enforcing the rules in a small-town block of flats. He’s not popular and he doesn’t care. A new neighbour arrives, a free-spirited woman from Iran with two kids, and Ove finds he has a new focus for his crossness. A beautifully directed and performed film that shows how people can be brought back from the brink by friendship and when people are isolated and angry there’s sometimes a reason for that.

This was Sweden’s nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar 2017, see it before the Hollywood remake with Tom Hanks!

‘Strong contender for feel-good film of the year.’ David Hughes, Empire

21 award nominations including 2 Oscars and 13 wins so far.


Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg

Film Information

Title A Man Called Ove (Members’ Choice)
Directed by Hannes Holm
Country Sweden
Classification 15
Running Time 113 mins
Release Year 2015
Subtitles No
Colour Yes
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