All the Wild Horses

May 28

Stunning documentary about the Mongolian Derby, the world’s most challenging horse race that follows the 1000 km course of Ghengis Khan’s messenger-rider route. The race takes days to complete with fresh Mongolian horses every morning. As we cross steppe, desert and mountain with the horses and riders, we learn how the race is organised and what it brings to local communities. We find out how seriously horse welfare is taken. We meet the disparate competitors: the loners, the team players and those that have other priorities as they complete the marathon. A hit film that came out of nowhere and won over audiences and awards juries around the globe. Totally engaging, before long you’ll be rooting for your favourite jockey.

‘Hills, hooves and unhinged competitors, Ivo Marloh’s documentary about the Mongol Derby captures the beauty and bedlam [of the] cross-country race.’

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

14 wins and 4 nominations


George Azarias, Andrew Challen, Erik Cooper

Film Information

Title All the Wild Horses
Directed by Ivo Marloh
Language English with some subtitles
Country Mongolia
Classification 15
Running Time 90 mins
Release Year 2018
Subtitles Yes
Colour Yes
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