Bait (Members’ Choice)

October 27

A small independent film that went large. London money’s bought up a small Cornish port, there’s tension not only between locals and outsiders, but between brothers: one that wants to fish and one that doesn’t. Striking cinematography showcased by its digital format plus memorable performances, Bait will keep you gripped throughout. Named by critic Mark Kermode as the best film of the last decade (and holds the record for number of votes received in the WFC Members’ Choice vote).

‘One of the defining British films of the Decade’

Mark Kermode, The Guardian

8 international wins including BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by Writer/Director/Producer


Edward Rowe, Mary Woodvine, Simon Shepherd

Film Information

Title Bait (Members’ Choice)
Directed by Mark Jenkin
Classification 15
Running Time 89 mins
Release Year 2019
Subtitles No
Colour No (B&W)
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