Blade Runner – The Final Cut (Plus Guest Speaker)

March 27

It’s 2018 and LA is a dystopian urban sprawl. Rick Deckard (Ford) is a blade runner or bounty hunter of replicants. Created by the Tyrell Corporation replicants are androids almost indistinguishable from humans. They are illegal on Earth after a bloody mutiny on an off-world colony, yet six Nexus replicants have purposefully made their way back to Earth. The thing about Nexus-6 replicants is they have the potential to develop human emotions, that’s why they’ve been restricted to 4 year life-spans. Plus there’s a prototype replicant, Rachel, who’s been implanted with Eldon Tyrell’s niece’s memories. A genre-changing sci-fi thriller classic with cult following – questions abound: what does it mean to be human? Is Deckard a replicant? What does the unicorn in Deckard’s Final Cut dream represent? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Don’t miss the screening of 25th anniversary director’s cut of this influential film. Scientist and science journalist Michael Brooks, co-author of 2017’s winning book Science(ish): The Peculiar Science Behind the Movies join us for Q&A.

‘Timeless sci-fi classic…an overwhelming experience.’ Mark Kermode Observer

2 Oscar nominations and 11 wins.


Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

Film Information

Title Blade Runner – The Final Cut (Plus Guest Speaker)
Directed by Ridley Scott
Country USA
Classification 15
Running Time 117 mins
Release Year 2007 (1982)
Subtitles No
Colour Yes
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