For Sama

May 26

Waad al-Kateab started filming as a ”citizen journalist” for Channel 4 News and won awards for her contribution to the series ”Inside Aleppo.” Dedicated to her young daughter, For Sama documents Waad and her husband Hamza’s experience of resistance under siege in Aleppo: he as a doctor running a hospital he built from scratch; she trailing him at work before joining his mission and his life.

“One of the most profoundly intimate depictions of the Syrian conflict ever put to film … Waad al-Kateab wrestles with her reality with incredible bravery and determination.” Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent

“The film’s most extraordinary achievement is that, instead of leaving one helpless, it creates resolve.” Kate Kellaway, The Observer

With Waad al-Kateab, Hamza al-​Khateab, Sama al-Khateab.

Cannes & BAFTA winner & Oscar nominee: ‘Best Documentary’

Film Information

Title For Sama
Directed by Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts
Language Arabic, English
Country Syria / UK
Genre documentary
Classification 18
Running Time 100 mins
Release Year 2019
Subtitles Yes
Colour Yes
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