Frantz (Guest Speaker)

November 6

Q&A with film critic Ginette Vincendeau

A change of tone again from prolific director Ozon, (Potiche, 8 Women, Swimming Pool) this time a romantic mystery with a plot that twists and turns like a slinky. French veteran, Adrien, journeys to a small German village a year after the end of World War I, to visit the grave of his friend Frantz who died in the trenches. Village folk are cool towards Adrien, yet he talks to Frantz’s parents and his fiancée Anna (Beer) and tells the story of the young men’s friendship. But is Adrien what he seems? Many critics see directorial homage to Hitchcock and Vertigo in Ozon’s film, but the first part of Frantz is based on Lubitsch’s 1932 Broken Lullaby. Ozon goes beyond the content of the earlier movie creating a second half for the story, which changes focus and belongs to Paula Beer, as Anna travels to France to solve a mystery. ‘Ozon is often at his best when working with women, and he has a fabulous talent in Paula Beer to bring his protagonist, Anna, to vivid life. She’s stunning in the role.’  Nigel M Smith, The Guardian.   Awards include 4 wins and 33 nominations so far.


Pierre Niney, Paula Beer, Ernst Stotzner

Film Information

Title Frantz (Guest Speaker)
Directed by Francois Ozon
Country France/Germany
Classification 12
Running Time 114 mins
Release Year 2016
Subtitles Yes
Colour B&W and colour
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