God’s Own Country (Members’ Choice)

September 18

Q&A with dialect coach Laura Hart

Seen by reviewers as one of the most exciting directorial debuts of the last ten years, the impact of this story comes not only from the fact that it’s about gay love, but from the beautifully observed growth of a relationship between the son of a Yorkshire farmer and a Romanian farm-worker. Why do we care about these young men? Because the script, direction and acting are naturalistic, fine-tuned and powerful. The lovingly captured Yorkshire landscape plays a key role in cohering the film alongside a sensitive sound track. When all is said and done though, this four BIFA-winning film is one which lives and dies by the performances which Lee gets from his cast, and these are excellent: sharp, intelligent and emotionally generous.’

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


Josh O’Connor, Gemma Jones, Harry Lister Smith, Ian Hart, Alec Secareanu

Film Information

Title God’s Own Country (Members’ Choice)
Directed by Francis Lee
Country UK
Classification 15
Running Time 104 mins
Release Year 2017
Subtitles No
Colour Yes
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