I Vitelloni

June 9

Fellini’s first international hit is a half-affectionate, half-acerbic satire about a group of male friends who can’t or won’t grow up. Drawn directly from the director’s memories of his own days in Rimini, the film influenced Scorsese (Mean Streets), Levinson Lucas and other American directors.

“Probably no one since Chaplin has so well revealed the moments of simultaneous humor and tragedy which underscore human life.” Merl Edelman, Los Angeles Free Press

“It shows all of Fellini’s unrivaled virtues — his lyrical sense of place, his abiding affection for even the most hapless of his characters, his effortless knack for limpid, bustling composition — and very few of his putative vices.” A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Starring: Alberto Sordi, Franco Fabrizi, Franco Interlenghi

Venice Silver Lion winner (Federico Fellini); Oscar-nominated (best screenplay)

Film Information

Title I Vitelloni
Directed by Federico Fellini
Language Italian
Country Italy
Genre satiric drama
Classification PG
Running Time 104 mins
Release Year 1953
Subtitles Yes
Colour No (B&W)
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