If… (Guest Speaker)

October 2

Q&A with cast member David Wood In association with Wimbledon Bookfest

British classic If … was a product of its time, created in a crucible of anti-establishment feeling: in 1968 civil unrest was sweeping the globe, from USA’s Black Panther movement, to student and worker protests across Europe and anti-Vietnam War rallies worldwide. The film, famous for its rebellious message and violent fantasy sequences, tracks the abuse of authority in a public school and the impact on four adolescent boys. In fact, as director Anderson acknowledged, If … was influenced by Jean Vigo’s much earlier film, Zero de Conduite (1933). To discuss the making of If … ranked as the 12th greatest film of the twentieth century, we’re delighted to welcome David Wood co-star of the film and author of ‘Filming If …’. 

Palme d’Or winner and ‘a movie of real authority’. Philip French, The Observer


Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Richard Warwick

Film Information

Title If… (Guest Speaker)
Directed by Lindsay Anderson
Country UK
Classification 15
Running Time 107 mins
Release Year 1968
Subtitles No
Colour Yes
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