Jellyfish (Guest Speaker)

September 24

Life is tough for 15 year-old Sarah, (Liv Hill in a terrific performance), mum is a bipolar, younger twin sisters are a handful and no one else is trying to hold things together. Sarah needs to earn money so there’s not much time for friendships at school. What if she could start earning money in a new way, maybe through using her dark humour and wit at a local theatre? Filmed in and around Margate, Jellyfish has a seaside grittiness that Loach would be proud of. A winner at Edinburgh International Film Fest and elsewhere, we welcome debut director James Gardner for Q&A.

‘There is a tenderness to Jellyfish that ‘bodes well for Gardner’s future; in testament, look out for cinema’s most poignant use of Monster Munch.’

Ian Freer, Empire.

83% critic and 60% audience Rotten Tomatoes ratings, 6.9 IMDb score.


Liv Hill, Sinead Matthews, Cyril Nri

Film Information

Title Jellyfish (Guest Speaker)
Directed by James Gardner
Country UK
Classification 15
Running Time 99 mins
Release Year 2018
Subtitles No
Colour Yes