Limbo – Members’ Choice + Director Q&A

February 22

Sharrock’s debut film is set on a fictional remote Scottish island, where a group of new arrivals wait for their  asylum applications to be processed. A wry and poignant portrait of the refugee experience.

“Ben Sharrock has created a delicate world, to deliver an asylum story filled with humour and understanding that always keeps the refugees at its centre.” Hanna Flint, The New Arab

2 BAFTA nominations; 1 BIFA award + 2 nominations

Starring Sidse Babett Knudsen, Kenneth Collard, Amir El-Masry

Post-screening Q&A with Director Ben Sharrock and/or cast members. 

Film Information

Title Limbo – Members’ Choice + Director Q&A
Directed by Ben Sharrock
Language English
Country UK
Genre drama
Classification PG
Running Time 103 mins
Release Year 2020
Subtitles No
Colour Yes