Love Affair

June 30

A philanderer and a society girl, both otherwise committed, meet on a transatlantic ocean liner. The 1957 remake (An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr) is more widely known, but not a patch on the original. Boyer and Dunne ad-lib with relish and interact with subtle passion and sophistication. The decors are stylish, the story is timeless –  altogether a fitting finale for the WFC home cinema spring season.

Love Affair, the first and arguably the best screen version of this romantic drama, was directed by Leo McCarey with great taste, combining sentiment and pathos, serio and comedic moments in equal measure. …. But ultimately the film belongs to the two stars, Boyer and Dunne, are both in top form, doing what they do best; Dunne deservedly received an Oscar nomination.” Emanuel Levy,

Starring Charles Boyer, Irene Dunne and Maria Ouspenskaya

Six Oscar nominations

Film Information

Title Love Affair
Directed by Leo McCarey
Language English
Country USA
Genre romantic drama
Classification U
Running Time 87 mins
Release Year 1939
Subtitles No
Colour No (B&W)
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