Rocks (Guest Speaker & Members’ Choice)

September 28

Teenage Shola, Rocks to her classmates, battles to care for herself and her younger brother after they are abandoned by their single mother. Director Sarah Gavron and writers Theresa Ikoko and Claire Wilson forsake the usual hierarchies of the film-making process and empower their cast to tell their story in their own words and way. A joyous but gritty portrait of young friendship in inner-city London.

“Teeming with an infectious effervescence, the adolescent coming-of-age drama ‘Rocks’ differentiates itself from other recent explorations of modern girlhood set amid immigrant communities.” Carlos Aguilar, LA Times 

“It’s the finest film yet from director Sarah Gavron, whose camera no longer hovers politely here, like an earnest tourist, but gets fully stuck in. A gorgeous movie packed with hope and powered by street cred, Rocks rocks.” Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro Newspaper

10 BIFA awards & 5 nominations
1 BAFTA award &  6 nominations

Starring: Bukky Bakray, Kosar Ali, D’Angelou Osei Kissiedu

With a pre-recorded introduction by the director Sarah Gavron

Film Information

Title Rocks (Guest Speaker & Members’ Choice)
Directed by Sarah Gavron
Language English
Country UK
Genre drama
Classification 12
Running Time 93 mins
Release Year 2019
Subtitles No
Colour Yes