Sequins Soca and Sweat

October 29, 2009

WFC in partnership with Njoya Foundation bring you a Black History Month Special Event: Q&A with Director Stephen Rudder Documentary from award-winning director: how the Notting Hill Carnival became a yearly cultural event, nourishing communities & inspiring younger generations.¥The inspired film Sequins, Soca and Sweat is the debut documentary by award winning filmmaker, Stephen Rudder€What he found when he looked behind the mask of the masquerade, was a small group of artists, designers, innovators and pioneers who € form the backbone of the largest street festival in Europe. [This is] their story. ¥ Sequins,Soca Sweat website

Film Information

Title Sequins Soca and Sweat
Directed by Stephen Rudder
Language English
Classification tbc
Running Time 49 mins
Subtitles No
Colour Yes
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