So Long, My Son

May 5

This epic multi-generational drama, spanning the 1980s to the present day, plays out against a backdrop of vertiginous social change. Life’s slings and arrows are sharpened by China’s draconian one-child policy, introduced to control population and boost the economy, but as the story twists and turns, forwards and back, there is humour and tenderness, as well as enlightenment and redemption. At the centre are wonderfully subtle performances from Yong Mei and Wang Jingchun, who by the closing shot, will feel like family.

“a piercingly, profoundly moving picture that peels and exposes the senses” Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“Its power lies in the non-chronological structure, as well as the tantalising slowness with which vital information is revealed; this is a movie that dares to leave its audience in the dark for long stretches, trusting that we will wait to discover connections between allegiances and betrayals that are opaque and often separated by decades.” Ryan Gilbey, New Statesman

Starring: Yong Mei, Wang Jingchun, Qi Xi, Li Jingjing

Berlinale Silver Bear winners: Yong Mei (Best Actress), Wang Jingchun (Best Actor); Golden Bear nominee: Wang Xiaoshuai

Film Information

Title So Long, My Son
Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai
Language Chinese
Country China
Genre drama
Classification PG
Running Time 185 mins
Release Year 2019
Subtitles Yes
Colour Yes
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