The Servant (Plus Guest Speakers)

March 13

A story of the British class system and signs of the erosion of its rigidity in 1960’s London as manservant Barrett insinuates himself in the life of aristocratic Tony and begins to exert control – will Tony be able to stand up to the increasing menace of his servant? A 60s classic of changing society and seen as a deft satire of sex and class. With Harold Pinter’s screenplay, Losey’s skilful direction and knock out performance from Dirk Bogarde, this is a film to sit back and admire. Q&A with film historian Melvyn Stokes who’s interests include the experience of the cinema going public in the 6os, completes the evening .

‘Performances note-perfect and Pinter’s script smart, subversive and sly.’ Tom Huddleston, Time Out

8 wins including 3 BAFTAs.


Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles, James Fox

Film Information

Title The Servant (Plus Guest Speakers)
Directed by Joseph Losey
Country UK
Classification 12A
Running Time 115m mins
Release Year 1963
Subtitles No
Colour No (B&W)
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