Twenty Twenty-Four (Guest Speaker event)

January 17

Gripping sci-fi thriller winning acclaim on the indie film circuit. A scientist anticipates nuclear disaster and holes up in a bunker. With just an intelligent computer for company, he begins to question his self-imposed isolation and whether he is really alone. Shot on location in Portsmouth, the cinematography and central performance are truly distinctive. 3 awards so far including Winner Best Sci-Fi & Cinematography, LA Film Awards.

‘Cleverly blends elements from your favourite sci-fi flicks, with some very unusual and creative twists.’ (Victor Fraga, Dirty Movies)

Plus director/writer, Richard Mundy, for Q&A


Andrew Kinsler, Peter McCrohon

Film Information

Title Twenty Twenty-Four (Guest Speaker event)
Directed by Richard Mundy
Country UK
Classification tbc
Running Time 88 mins
Release Year 2016
Subtitles No
Colour Yes