Wildfire + Director introduction

March 8

Two sisters grew up on the fractious Irish border, but one has long been missing. When she returns, their intense bond is re-ignited. Together, they explore the past and uncover secrets that could overwhelm them.

“an arresting drama that burns and melts with incredible performances and establishes Cathy Brady as a visionary feature director” Michael Lee, Film Ireland Magazine

IFTA winner Best Director, Best Actress in Lead Role; BIFA winner Best Debut Screenwriter

Starring Nora-Jane Noone, Nika McGuigan, Kate Dickie

Pre-recorded interview with director Cathy Brady.  

Film Information

Title Wildfire + Director introduction
Directed by Cathy Brady
Language English
Country Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland
Genre drama
Classification 15
Running Time 85 mins
Release Year 2020
Subtitles No
Colour Yes
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