Welcome to the Members' Area

Planning a full 2020 autumn season is not possible currently, so…

… this means we’re not charging a membership fee for the Autumn 2020 mini-season to those of you who were members for Spring/Summer 2020. You can simply buy tickets in the usual way on Eventbrite on a first come first served basis to attend to the mini-season we’re offering.

As soon as the situation gets more predictable we’d love to open new memberships. In the meantime the information below sets out of all the benefits of being a club member for when that day comes.

As a member you get

  • Preferential ticket rates compared with non-members and commercial cinemas
  • The chance to buy 2 guest tickets for each film at a discounted price
  • Online membership purchase
  • Priority online ticketing via Eventbrite
  • Email notice of special events
  • Email notice of WFC’s own annual Wimbledon International Short Film Festival
  • The opportunity to suggest films for us to screen
  • The chance to guide the club at AGMs and through feedback through the year.

Members and non-members alike enjoy a mix of compelling films in comfortable arthouse cinema surroundings with top screening facilities and sound system. You’ll get film notes for each film and a chance to discuss the film after the screening. We’ll bring you guest speakers in the standard programme plus the option to attend special events during the year like a Mystery Movie and collaborations with the Wimbledon Bookfest.