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2005 Films

City of God

December 1, 2005

Directed by: Fernando Meirelles

An unflinching portrayal of crime and violence in Rio’s slum, Meirelles’ movie is ultimately a […]

M Hulot’s Holiday

December 15, 2005

Directed by: Jacques Tati

A wonderful blend of wit and silliness. The minimal dialogue and original physical comedy scenes […]


November 10, 2005

Directed by: Takeshi Kitano

Zatoichi, the blind samurai goes to the aid of two geishas who want to avenge […]

The Night of the Hunter

November 24, 2005

Directed by: Charles Laughton

In this noirish thriller, psychotic, bogus preacher, Robert Mitchum, pursues two orphaned children to extract […]

Donnie Darko

October 27, 2005

Directed by: Richard Kelly

A brilliant mix of black humour, horror, time travel and love story. Troubled teenager, Donnie […]